Our Story

OK Kimonos is a BJJ lifesyle brand with a focus on fun, family, and quality. 


BJJ is fun! The OK! Tiger mascot is inspired by the fact that rolling is fun, and learning is fun too.


Whether or not you have kids, you have a family with the people you train with. Our apparel is designed with kids in mind. We have the best kids gis on the market.

Children are just one part of family though, which is why we offer adult sizes too. 


OK! Kimonos was originally founded by the person that ran GiReviews.net, which has reviewed hundreds of gis. Our gi construction is comprised of the best features of all these gis. Think of everything that goes into a gi: stitching, material weight, weave style, and even belt loops are just a few of the considerations. 

At over $100 a gi, not many companies can afford to do the same kind of exhaustive research that's gone into our kimonos. Our promise to you is that you'll get a gi you love. It's that simple.